YouTube TV Will Win? A Flawed Case.

How YouTube TV Will Kill Cable and Satellite – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs


The premise is based on hour-long dramas.

Those days are coming to an end.

I previously wrote:

Microcasting is the future. All of the long-form series being planned by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, AT&T/TimeWarner, and the rest — it’s getting hard to keep all the names in mind these days — are sinking money into a dinosaur format. Who has time to devote what could be over a full work week to binge-watch several seasons of a series? Look around at TV commercials: They’re mostly medicines and insurance. That tells you who has the time to watch: The old and sick and dying. Catering to a market that’s going extinct is not a good strategy.

Aside from the old, the sick, and the dying, there are the incarcerated and those who will never amount to anything in society. Hey, that’s some target market!

Even Lefsetz is seeing the light:

And mom and dad are about the only ones left watching television in real time.

The old!

Another factor no one is realizing is how — and here comes the stuff no one really ever wants to admit, especially the general public — the Internet and cellphones have become behavior modifiers.

For that bit, go past the break.

BBC’s Panorama just aired this:

I’m not going to do a recap. There are actually many videos about the subject on YouTube. I’ll just provide one at the end.

I just have one question that will prove your behavior has been modified:

Do you ever sit watching a TV show and using social media at the same time?

You’ve been modified.

You originally went to the TV program for satisfaction.

That TV program can no longer command all of your attention. It no longer satisfies. It’s no longer enough. The excitement and “dopamine hits” (the term du jour) it once provided now seem weak in comparison to what your phone (and it’s usually a phone) can provide.

At some point, viewers will have to admit, “Hey, who has time for this hour-long stuff?”

And the dominoes will begin to fall.

YouTube TV will win? Not if it provides conventional TV.

Here’s that one video:

Facebook founder warns of social media addiction

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2 Responses to YouTube TV Will Win? A Flawed Case.

  1. ” Who has time to devote what could be over a full work week to binge-watch several seasons of a series?”

    Based on the metrics and successes of Netflix’s many original series – not the demographic you claim is being targeted.
    Netflix, HBO – their series have generated most of the buzz as far as programming. That buzz is not coming from “..the old, the sick, and the dying, and the incarcerated..”

    For shows such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, it’s all about the live viewers who don’t want any secrets and surprises spoiled. You do have a number of folks who will watch the rebroadcast or their DVR recording 1-3 hours later because of scheduling conflicts, but those two shows are a phenomenon of “live” tv.

    While I do agree with your statement on social media/modification, there is another aspect you did not mention – community. I tweet when I’m watching huge sporting events. It’s not that different from being in a bar and talking trash to the opposing fans or with your friends. It’s not necessarily a matter of the show no longer commanding my attention or satisfying – it’s that I have another dimension to engage in. There have been a few times when I watched an episode of a popular series with friends and I never tweeted or posted on Facebook. The “community” was right there.
    People tweet during shows like Westworld *after* something major happens. During any engaging scene, folks are engrossed and it’s only after that they engage in this communal sharing with other fans of the show.

    Of course, there are those who will sit and watch a show while constantly being on their phone or tablet. They must be miserable when they are at the movie theater.

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