A Silly Call For “Scooterways”

An immodest proposal: it’s time for scooter superhighways

If you want a fourth form of transport (after cars, public transit, and good old walking) to really succeed, don’t put in more bike lanes. Do something much simpler. Ban cars from roads.

This is a silly piece.

For over a year I’ve been writing about personal electric transport. And I haven’t reached that conclusion.

Because it ignores reality.

eScooters aren’t for everybody. Nor are bicycles. Or electric skateboards.

All share a commonality: They are transport for an individual.

Cars have their place. Groups, families, can travel together. People (other than me) like to be social like that.

Cars can also haul things. Go on, just try to move all your possessions from one place to another using an eScooter, eSkateboard, or bike.

Cars also provide shelter in bad weather. And, generally speaking, cars can operate in almost any weather. eSkateboards have trouble on wet streets. And who wants to ride an eScooter or a bike in the rain? And all three are defeated by snow. The batteries of eScooters and eSkateboards are defeated just by cold temperatures.

So, no. No “scooterways.” Stop being silly. And start thinking.

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