Blog Notes: I Wish I Knew What The Hell Was Going On Here

I’ve complained more than once that search engines no longer pass along search terms used in order to protect privacy. Well, this is driving me slowly mad. Why can’t they separate the search term used from whatever IP address used it? At least let me see what the hell is bringing people here.

Yesterday was a record Sunday for this joint. And in a very screwy way, with the main page being viewed more than any individual post. That’s never happened before. People usually pop in, read something, maybe click on a Previously here link, and then disappear.

And since no one leaves any damn Comments, I can’t even guess why people are coming here or if they’ve found any posts useful.

Plus, my own guess is that no one is passing on any links. That is, if someone posted a link to one of my posts somewhere, that’s no longer being shown to me as a point of origin. It used to be in the past. That was helpful. I could go to the point of origin and see what was going on that prompted the link.

I’m beginning to understand why people quit blogging now. It’s become isolating.

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