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No iPad Mini 5?

Kuo: Apple planning 11″ iPad Pro, Mac mini update, 1.57″ & 1.78″ Apple Watch, AirPower for fall Just because it’s not listed there doesn’t mean Apple can’t do it. In the past, they have refreshed some Macs without making a … Continue reading

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What’s A “Vehicle”?

From The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math Are Taking the Luck Out of Gambling by Adam Kucharski: In October 1926, airport operator William McBoyle helped arrange the theft of an airplane in Ottawa, Illinois. Although he was convicted under … Continue reading

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The Hood Invaded By Makers

I caught a glimpse of this on the elevated subway while on the way to an appointment this morning: MakerPark NYC Also: Staten Island MakerSpace There’s also radio by wire from them. Armageddon is coming. Gird your loins.

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The Latest YouTube Shitstorm: Creators Vs. MSM

This guy — and many others — are up in arms over this move by YouTube: Building a better news experience on YouTube, together. YOUTUBE JUST SOLD US ALL OUT & GIVES $25 MILLION TO MSM YouTube didn’t need to … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: New Category For Video Services

Posts about conventional TV, Netflix, YouTube, NewTV, etc, etc, — as services — will now be under a new category: Video Services. That’s a lame title but all I could think of. Over the course of today, I’ll be moving … Continue reading

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Netflix Isn’t Being Reckless, It’s Just Playing a Game No One Else Dares (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 3) And then there’s Netflix’s April 2017 tweet “Sleep is my greatest enemy.” Understanding this mentality is critical to understanding what Netflix does and … Continue reading

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