Unplanned Google Books PDF Test: Android Perfect Viewer

I was watching the YouTube video of Liliuting’s review of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10.

Brad showed manga being read on it and that made me wonder. Some freeze-frames showed he was using the Perfect Viewer Android app.

I couldn’t remember if I ever tried that with Google Books PDFs. It turns out it has a PDF Plugin. So what was stopping me from a quick test?

I had access to a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7-inch tablet and decided to give it all a shot.

Here’s the main menu of Perfect Viewer with an Orison Swett Marden Google Books PDF underneath:

That PDF worked surprisingly well. No rendering delays whatsoever.

Then The Big One, an issue of The American Magazine:

The main menu of Perfect Viewer over that cover:

Page thumbnail rendering takes some time …

… but not as much time as I had expected on a low-end craptab like the Tab A:

Not captured in screensnaps is the up-to-five-second delay paging through The American Magazine. Not fun. But once that delay is over, the page is rendered completely.

All of this makes me wonder what Google Books PDFs with Perfect Viewer would be like on the Teclast M89 iPad Mini clone …

Despite the death of SmartQ Reader, Google Books PDFs aren’t yet dead on Android tablets!

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