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Uber All The Things?

Spoiler: The title is very misleading. Is Uber For Everything A Good Thing? But there’s this bit of enlightenment: Cities across the US are experiencing soul-crushing congestion, and as a surprise to no one, it’s been getting worse. Average taxi … Continue reading

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Hollywood Anxiety

Disruption, Consolidation, Uncertainty: Welcome to Hollywood’s Age of Anxiety The business has been rocked by the arrival of deep-pocketed digital players such as Amazon, Apple and especially Netflix that threaten to transform not only the cozy old relationships of buyers … Continue reading

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Trump Trade Tariffs On eScooters

YouTube notice: CGTN is funded in whole or in part by the Chinese government Tariffs could put brakes on booming scooter-sharing industry I don’t know how much of this is scaremongering. Whether or not a 25% tariff will apply to … Continue reading

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Freego Electric Scooters

Even though Freego has videos on YouTube going back four years, they haven’t made any impression on me until now. That could be due to YouTube’s rotten algorithms, however. Three videos caught my attention this morning. The first, showing a … Continue reading

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