Freego Electric Scooters

Even though Freego has videos on YouTube going back four years, they haven’t made any impression on me until now. That could be due to YouTube’s rotten algorithms, however.

Three videos caught my attention this morning.

The first, showing a Xiaomi M365 clone as part of an eSooter rental fleet. Apparently Freego is selling this as a turnkey solution.

Freego Scooter Sharing Project

That makes me wonder if either Bird or Lime are using those and not eScooters bought from Xiaomi.

Then there’s a new dual-motor eScooter I’ve never seen before.

Freego ES-10D Dual Motor Electric Scooter with High Speed

From the video Description:

1.Powerful battery high capacity 48V 13ah.
2.Front and rear motor 500w both.
3. Dual disk brakes on front and real wheel.
4. Thick AL alloy frame more strong, more loading weight.
5. Foldable and easy to be put in car trunk.
6. Water resistant design IP54.
8.Smart and easy control stable riding.
9.Go faster and longer range.
10. Suspension on front wheel and rear wheel

But what was the most interesting to me is the video that compares a prior model of eScooter — a carbon fiber one — to their new model:

Difference between ES-06X and ES-05A Electric scooters folding machine

Well, they’re basically saying that the carbon fiber one is junk. It’s inherent in the design. Thus confirming what I’ve said in prior posts.

Previously here:

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