Uber All The Things?

Spoiler: The title is very misleading.

Is Uber For Everything A Good Thing?

But there’s this bit of enlightenment:

Cities across the US are experiencing soul-crushing congestion, and as a surprise to no one, it’s been getting worse. Average taxi speeds in midtown Manhattan have been steadily declining towards the pace of a brisk walk. Suburban buses to Boston have added 30 minutes or more to their morning commute times over the past decade. And in San Francisco, traffic congestion has grown by 80% since 2010.

And there’s even more along those lines, with other solid statistics.

Which begs the damn question: Why aren’t eScooter rentals available all over NYC by now? Where’s the graft bottleneck? Which pig is asking for more than his/her share? And all of the bastards holding the reigns of power in this city? They need to all be outed! How many of them are taking Uber, Lyft, and whatever else is out there instead of the mass transit nightmare they inflict on everyone else? If graft won’t work, then maybe widespread public embarrassment will!

My blood sometimes boils on this subject. As you can see!

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2 Responses to Uber All The Things?

  1. “Why aren’t eScooter rentals available all over NYC by now? ”

    Because they are death traps. And the last thing this city needs are dumbass hipsters and yuppie fucktards being in the way on these wheeled death devices.

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