Brat Does Microcasting

Brat raises $30 million to reboot scripted television for the Gen Z crowd

Fishman says the key question for Brat is “How do we become a youth culture brand.” The teens today are increasingly getting their content from vloggers on YouTube, the most popular of which can have millions of subscribers. Those videos are authentic, real and cheap, but this talent has no outlet to push the quality of their content up a rung. “Besides Netflix, no one is making TV for the internet,” Fishman explained.

Brat wants to create a middle ground for video content, a space where teens can watch some of their favorite vloggers, but with production values and creativity that is more attuned to a classic Hollywood production studio rather than a bedroom. With Chicken Girls, the studio started with four-minute scripted shows, but has steadily increased its length over the first season, ending with a season finale of 22 minutes. Season two is now underway. Fishman says that the show received “10 million views over a half an hour.”

Interesting. But inflating a program from four minutes to twenty-two minutes? They ask too much.

But who am I to argue? Episode 1 got 11,024,658 views. However, by the end of Season 1, it dropped to 8,870,402 views. There are series on Netflix and Amazon Prime that don’t have that. Nor did the revival of Twin Peaks.

CHICKEN GIRLS | Annie & Hayden in “Monday” | Ep. 1

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