Racebending? Say What?

I watched this video two days ago:

Manbabies Lose Their MINDS Over Black Buffy Reboot

It bugged me in several ways, none of which I could precisely identify.

Then last night, as I was trying to sleep while Morpheus laughed, it all clicked.

And it made me wonder: What the hell happened to the world since I was a kid?!

When I was a kid, the Adam West Batman series was must-see. Batmania back then was almost like Beatlemania before it.

In seasons 1 and 2, Catwoman was portrayed by Julie Newmar:

In season 3, we got an entirely different Catwoman, portrayed by Eartha Kitt:


Another cast change for the final season was replacing Julie Newmar, who had been a popular recurring guest villain as the Catwoman for the first two seasons. Singer-actress Eartha Kitt assumed the role for season three, as Newmar was working on the film Mackenna’s Gold at that time and thus unable to appear. In the United States, Kitt’s performance in the series marked the second mainstream television success of a black female, following Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek and continued breaking the racial boundaries of the time.

What would people say about that today? Would they call it “racebending”?

You know what we kids called it back then?


No one, not a single person I know of, whined, “Aw, they got a Negro playin’ Catwoman now!” (Back then, the term was Negro; deal with it, snowflakes.)

Apparently, we kids in frikkin elementary school knew something the much-older whiners of today don’t: The characters are imaginary!

And we didn’t give a damn what their skin color was or what their gender was. We just didn’t want any of them to bore us.

Now, all you people whining over Buffy? Just STFU.

And all of you idiots thinking Strong Women started with the appearance of Wonder Woman in movies? Get your ass onto YouTube and watch Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in The Avengers. And then feel ashamed that you are insignificant by comparison.

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4 Responses to Racebending? Say What?

  1. “…What the hell happened to the world since I was a kid?!”
    Well, there was the extinction of the dinosaurs. Then the appearance of the first hominids….

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