Lime Rental eBikes In The Hood

Popped out to a store before.

Wasn’t paying much attention, crossed the street, and came across three(!) mint-condition, totally unused, Lime rental bikes. Just standing there, near an empty storefront, waiting to be rented. Undocked, as they’re expected to be.

And they were eBikes. Using that pedal-assist legal loophole. I examined them very closely!

But what the hell are they even doing here?

The brainless Mayor “allowed” only Jump Bikes into the city. And they were supposed to be limited to one outlying area.

Two things prevented me from trying out the Lime:

1) Lack of smartphone (so no pics, either!)
2) Lack of plastic

Ah, well.

So Lime has landed. At least one part of Lime. And in the damnedest place. The area I live in — also known as The Place CitiBike Refuses To Serve.

Now where is Bird, dammit?

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