YouTube Adaptive Video Player For The Web

YouTube web player now adapts to different aspect ratios

If it were up to us, every video would be 16:9, with some exceptions made for some more cinematic footage. But because there are older videos and people unaware of vertical video syndrome on YouTube, videos with inferior aspect ratios are an unfortunate reality. The team behind YouTube is making the best of this situation and has now forced its web player to adapt to different aspect ratios.

YouTube began doing this on the mobile app in March of this year, and the functionality is now spreading to the desktop. Basically, it removes the formerly-permanent 16:9 frame around every video, allowing them to appear larger and better adjust to different window sizes.

I noticed the “frame” for video bouncing around a bit before it settled down to play a video yesterday. I wondered what that was about. Now I know.

So far, I haven’t encountered any change in the videos I’ve been watching.

YouTube will probably say they’ve been working on this for a while. As if the appearance of IGTV had nothing to do with it. Cue the snorts.

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