Exploding eScooter Identified

Previously here: Video: Electric Scooter Battery Fails And Explodes

Thanks to Redditor u/Dddd457: Terrified father and daughter flee for their lives as electric scooter suddenly explodes while charging in their living room

Country: China (Beijing)

eScooter brand: Speedway 4 lookalike (most likely with cheap Chinese batteries and no BMS)

Company: Wuyi Shengte Company (Alibaba listing)

The Chinese refuse to police themselves. And by not doing so, they poison the entire global market for things made in China.

We’ve seen exploding hoverboards and now an exploding eScooter.

Let’s be clear here:

1) The culprit is most likely cheap generic Chinese batteries. Even when a manufacturer states they use LG or Samsung batteries, the supply chain in China is such that counterfeits can easily find their way in. Battery counterfeits are rife in China. Look at this and this post. See also this warning from The Counterfeit Report.

2) BMSes — Battery Management Systems — which do things such as regulate charging and are supposed to ensure charging is balanced among all 18650 cells can have faulty software as well as faulty hardware. A bad BMS could also lead to catastrophe. The first batch of the Xiaomi M365 eScooter had a design flaw in its BMS that led to batteries being ruined or the BMS burning out (thankfully, no fires or explosions).

3) Charging bricks can also be defective or made shoddily. Those US$5.00 iPhone chargers you see as a bargain as a discount store are firetraps. They lack even the most basic adherence to safe electrical practices. It takes real work to keep people safe.

Don’t order direct from China.

If something looks like a bargain, it’s probably a shoddy and dangerous counterfeit.

Previously here:

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