Hacking An Onan X2 Booster

Onan X2 Hack | Jet Spud | Swappable 10s2P| 2x VESC | Hummie Hubs

I’ve been told that the DIYeboards swappable battery kit might not have enough oomph for my liking. It’s 7s2p. I find this odd, since the battery pack for the Mellow Drive is also 7s2p.

Anyway, that made me reallllly curious about the battery pack for the Onan X2 Booster. Onan doesn’t publish the damn spec, nor do any of their American dealers (um, all two of them). Well, my curiosity wouldn’t let me rest. And I found the above link while searching for images. The battery is 10s2p.

And it’s to Onan’s credit that the batteries are as touted, by Samsung:

I took the plunge and opened up the battery back. Samsung ICR18650-22P

He does a hell of a job modifying the X2 battery pack as well as the enclosure it slides into (which contains the ESC).

If the DIYeboards kit is really out of the question, then it’s Onan versus Mellow. Which is not a position I like to be in. This gives me flashbacks to the 1980s with Commodore versus Apple. Back then, I could only afford a C=64 but still lusted for the Apple II+ (and then a Macintosh!). (It took nearly ten years for me to finally get a Mac — after being first sidetracked by an Atari ST!) Bah!

Also frustrating is that it’s now clear that, really, there’s no getting away from an electric skateboard that’s practical without it weighing as much as the lightest electric scooter (which would be a carbon fiber model). The entire point when I started out was to find something lighter. All I’ve done is find something that’s less bulky. Double bah!

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