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Reference: Skateboard Backpacks, And Again

Redditor xbrandoex recommends this backpack for the Boosted Mini X: Dakine Mission Backpack, Black, 25L. I’m also searching for solutions that don’t involve backpacks. Previously here: Reference: Skateboard Backpacks, Again Reference: Skateboard Backpacks eSkateboards category

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Video: Boosted Board Versus Death Hills

Don’t know why I didn’t see his video until today. Well, YouTube Recommendations suck is why, probably mainly. Going Up HUGE Hills On The Boosted Board I think the Boosted Mini X could do that too. I have Death Hills … Continue reading

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Video: Eviscerating A Boosted Board

What’s inside a Boosted Board? That was painful to watch. So expensive. I had to keep reminding myself, This Was For Science! I needed to see that because I had a stupid fleeting idea of getting a Boosted Mini X … Continue reading

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Reference: eSkateboard Weight Frustration, Again

Grrrr… Previously: Reference: eSkateboard Weight Frustration Ronnie Sarmiento reports the BoardUp folding skateboard paired with the Mellow Drive weighs 16.8 pounds. The Mellow Drive battery has a range of about 5-7 miles. Previously: New Models Of Boosted Board The Mini … Continue reading

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