Google Books Has Feedback That Works

Something very strange with Google Books this year.

I’ve used Feedback in the past to point out things. Never got any reply.

This year, I started getting replies.

And this week I got one hell of a reply!

I sent this in on May 27, 2018:

HathiTrust has this magazine with “Digtized by Google” watermark all over it. So why desn’t Google Book have it?

I was referring to an issue of Orison Swett Marden’s Success magazine. (I left my typos from the original email in. Damn Toshiba crap keyboard.)

I got this reply on May 29:

Thank you for contacting us. This book was provided to us via the Library Project. For books that enter Google Books through the Library Project, what you see depends on the book’s copyright status. For more information on why some books aren’t available in full-text, please visit our help center.

We have begun the review process for this book to determine if we can make it available for you to view in full. It may take some time to fully determine the correct legal status. Additionally, copyright law varies by country so please let us know from which country you are seeking access.

And forgot all about it after that.

August 3:

We’ve completed our review of this book, and it has been approved for full view. You should be able to view the complete contents here.

And yes! Here it is.

Thanks to Google Books for taking the inquiry seriously and resolving the conflict.

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