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NYC’s Idiots In Charge Cap Uber/Lyft

New York City just voted to cap Uber and Lyft vehicles, and that could make rides more expensive The Diaper Brigade that really wants to turn New York City into East San Francisco is at it again. This despite what … Continue reading

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Ride Unlimited’s Electric Skateboard Drive

I have totally ruled out the Onan Booster as an option. Deeper research has revealed that the overwhelming sentiment among people who have bought it is that it’s totally junk and not a single person recommends it. Chinese companies just … Continue reading

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Magic Leap Released As Elite Product

The Magic Leap One AR headset is out now for $2,295, but not everywhere It’s only available in six cities The headset will be sold on magicleap.com, but you have to be in one of these cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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