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Nokia Versus “The Magic Phone”

This week the BBC aired a Finnish documentary about Nokia. Well, we all know what happened. Still, there’s a bit I’ll share in screensnaps that’s really something in two ways.

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Someone Else Catches On To eScooter Rentals

Why The $1 Electric Scooter Will TAKE OVER The World He gets it. He compares it to Uber. In my own case, my threshold of value is the US$2.75 MTA bus/subway fare to get somewhere (the misery of it is … Continue reading

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Unlimited/Mellow Drives: Sizing Things Up Sometimes Sucks

So I’ve been trying to compare the length of the Unlimited Drive to the Mellow Drive. By aligning the images based on the holes in the respective trucks (thanks Redditor b264 for that clue), I came up with this image: … Continue reading

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Weirdness With The Mellow Drive

Press Reset is a YouTuber I Subscribe to. It was a treat to see he received the Mellow Drive to test. He’s done many eSkateboard videos and it would be interesting to see his reaction to Mellow. Well, things didn’t … Continue reading

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Poisoning The Well Of Pop Culture

Things continue to go berserk in pop culture. Liking Patrick Stewart and Star Trek Is Racist or Something The article referenced is what happens when degreed ignoramuses get ahold of the levers of reporting. This slicing and dicing of people … Continue reading

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