Unlimited/Mellow Drives: Sizing Things Up Sometimes Sucks

So I’ve been trying to compare the length of the Unlimited Drive to the Mellow Drive.

By aligning the images based on the holes in the respective trucks (thanks Redditor b264 for that clue), I came up with this image:

(For those wondering, yes, the Mellow wheels are smaller in real-life. They’re 80mm versus 82.5mm for Unlimited.)

Aha! The Unlimited is shorter and should fit where the Mellow can’t.


I asked Unlimited for the length of the baseplate for their drive. It’s 36.5cm. That’s 14.4 inches.

Mellow actually publishes their dimensions (saving the trouble of sending an email):

Well, guess what? The Mellow’s 366mm length is also 14.4 inches!

So to actually compare the two — if the furnished-by-the-makers dimensions are correct to begin with! (and shouldn’t they know?) — I must give up aligning the images by truck holes and do it by straight length, like so:

But even that new image might be wrong!

Because they’re really truck-aligned in real life. So I think these are the dimensions that really matter:

But none of this actually answers my question of whether the Unlimited will fit where the Mellow can’t. Because the rear of the Unlimited baseplate is longer than the end of the truck. That could cause problems with some decks that have rear trucks that sit near the end of the deck. Unlimited clearly designed that baseplate only with longboard decks in mind (despite showing it on their site with other decks).

I might have to wait for someone to surface an actual real-life photo of the Unlimited Drive next to the Mellow Drive.

That could be a damn long wait…

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4 Responses to Unlimited/Mellow Drives: Sizing Things Up Sometimes Sucks

  1. MyEmail and name says:

    > Unlimited clearly designed that baseplate only with longboard decks in mind

    They designed it to fit almost any deck. Maybe the extra space was needed for drop through trucks etc. Also with Unlimited you can pretty much use any truck that you have, with Mellow you’re forced to use theirs

    • mikecane says:

      “Almost” is the key sticking point for me. I think they need to offer a baseplate without so much of a tail in the future. Right now, they’re just busy with what they’ve got. I can be patient.

  2. Alan says:

    The mellow fits if you put the drive at the front end of the BoardUp. With a caveat. You have to reroute or shorten the actuator cable.

  3. Alan says:

    I know I’m coming to the part late but here is the string and links to an unlimited creation: https://imgur.com/gallery/lg7jsr4

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