NYC Transit Meltdown While eScooter Rentals Prohibited

Get ready for a commuter apocalypse

A perfect storm of subway repairs, highway construction, commuter rail woes and worsening gridlock is creating a commuter doomsday the likes of which the city has never seen before.

Some choice quotes:

The average weekday on-time rate of trains across the system continues to languish at 64 percent between July 2017 and June 2018 — barely an improvement from the previous year’s 61.8 percent, despite the $836 million Subway Action Plan stopgap born out of 2017’s transit “Summer of Hell.”

Even when the trains arrive, unplanned snafus still frequently snarl the larger subway system, setting off a string of rush-hour delays like a row of dominos.

As recently as Wednesday, three separate incidents decimated service across the system on both the morning and evening rushes.


For all the subway’s problems, it’s still a lot faster than getting behind the wheel.

Average auto speeds in Midtown are a glacial 5 mph — as an all-time-high 2 million cars are now registered in the Big Apple, including a record 120,000 for-hire vehicles.

That figure represents nearly triple the number of for-hire rides clogging city streets in 2010, before the rise of Uber, Lyft and similar services, city data show.

It’s not much better for all of Manhattan south of 60th Street, where average speeds have plummeted from 9.1 mph in 2010 to 7.1 mph last year, according to the Department of Transportation.

In an odd feedback loop, the June report blamed the surge in cars on the road on unreliable mass transit.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

And, this is really priceless:

Even pedal power won’t get you far.

Citi Bike is improving, but many of its rides are in various states of disrepair — if you can find them at all.

Early results on dockless bike trials launched in the city weeks ago have been dodgy, with scores of the “pedal-assist” rides routinely found clogging sidewalks or outright inoperable.

Of the 100 bikes placed by Uber subsidiary JUMP in the central Bronx in late July, only eight could be found by The Post on one recent day. Only two were rideable.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The Jump and Lime bikes placed in this Hood are no longer easily seen unless you have their damn app to track them down. They put too few here. They put too few in the entire city.

Meanwhile, as commuters are slowly pushed into getting tranquilizer prescriptions, the city continues to drag its feet over more rental eBikes and rental eScooters!

Remember all of this! Remember all of this while you get the hell out of the way of the Mayor’s daily police-escorted gym caravan!

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