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Lime Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Woman Black Eyes

Unlike the guy in the last video, the woman in this video doesn’t blame anyone other than herself. Watch until the poll results at the end. Dallas woman’s first rental scooter ride ends with ER trip Always wear a damn … Continue reading

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Bird Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Man Broken Jaw

Another mistitled video. It’s broken jaw, not job. Bird Scooter crash leaves Los Angeles man with broken job, permanent hearing damage And of course he’s suing. Because, you know, he couldn’t have done anything wrong. Let’s see what lawsuit discovery … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification Can Be Very Expensive

People whine that I never buy anything. (It’s not true.) I take my time. The last time I was surprisingly delighted by something I bought was when I picked up a Palm III at a computer trade show in NYC … Continue reading

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Razor Gets An eScooter Rental Permit

Razor joins the wave of electric scooter rentals, becoming first in Long Beach Razor first raised eyebrows back in June when they applied for one of five sought-after permits to operate an electric scooter rental service in San Francisco, revealing … Continue reading

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YouTube Popularity Can Be A Lie

The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views [The New York Times; if paywalled, leap over it using Reader View in Firefox] Dr. Judith Oppenheimer, 78, paid a company $5,000 to promote a book she had self-published in hopes of securing … Continue reading

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