A Dim Light Penetrates Jack Dorsey’s Skull

September 15, 2010: Twitter Misses The Metadata Boat

I wrote that eight frikkin years ago!

And only now does some small shaft of light penetrate Dorsey’s thick skull: Jack Dorsey On Deleting Tweets, Banning Trump, And Whether An Unbiased Twitter Can Exist

There is more than one Twitter…but our product today doesn’t allow you to see that. It’s not built to do that. Like, our product is not built around following topics and interests. It should be and that’s what we’re going to do, but it’s not today. I mean you are at the will of an account that might have multiple interests, but it’s just confirming one thing constantly or dragging you into something that might not be representative of the broader whole or your broader interest. So we’ve only given to people very coarse-grained tools with which to manage their experience. Following accounts being the number one and we need to break that.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


Account-definable topic checkboxes such as these should have been added back in 2010:

People could have Followed me based on interests. They wouldn’t have had exposure to my other tweets — unless they specified that.

Would a change like that get me back on Twitter? I don’t think so. But it would be tempting.

Previously here:

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6 Responses to A Dim Light Penetrates Jack Dorsey’s Skull

  1. Laura N Dawson says:

    Agreed! They have SO MUCH metadata! And dollars to doughnuts the only slice of it that they’ve curated in any way is the customer data that they can repurpose to advertisers. What they need to do is take a larger view – the rest of that pie is metadata that will MAKE THE PLATFORM SUSTAINABLE. Not that anybody in charge cares – they’ve made their money, and they’ll make more if they sell Twitter to Google or Microsoft or Amazon, and their individual wealth is all that matters to them.

    • mikecane says:

      No one will buy Twitter as it is. It’s a cesspool and toxic. If they’d done what I suggested in 2010, I might still be there because I wouldn’t have been exposed to the life-draining shit I had to see every day.

      • LAURA N DAWSON says:

        Unless there’s breaking news, I stay off it except during my commute. I’ve discovered I can live without All The Memes.

      • mikecane says:

        See, if Twitter had some damn BRAINS behind it, people could use it for breaking news without having to set up those stupid effin Lists of news sources for themselves. As for me, if news breaks, I just use Search Twitter. And then I wind up seeing damn spam in the stream!

      • LAURA N DAWSON says:

        There is so much spam everywhere – even phone calls – that most people don’t even bother unsubscribing or whatever. They just delete what piles up.

      • mikecane says:

        Even when I try to Unsub from emails, it dosn’t stick!

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