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Maybe Apple SHOULD Ask, “What Would Steve Do?”

Yesterday I happened to rewatch a video of Steve Jobs introducing the first generation of the iPod Mini. Here’s that video: Macworld San Francisco 2004-The iPod mini Introduction I bet you all miss Jobs even more after seeing that. I … Continue reading

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Video: How NOT To Ride A Lime Rental eScooter

What the hell was she thinking? You can’t carve with an eScooter as if it was a skateboard! Wobbly Lime electric scooter rider takes a tumble Previously here: Lime Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Woman Black Eyes Bird Rental eScooter Faceplant … Continue reading

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Doing Due Diligence Sucks But Is Required

Because Instant Gratification Can Be Very Expensive. The electric skateboard world is a damn quagmire sometimes. OK, most times. I’m interested in the Unlimited drivetrain but not to the extent I’ll plunk money down on something so new with so … Continue reading

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