First Video Of BoardUp Folding Electric Skateboard

BoardUp has some drivetrain test videos on YouTube, but this is the first video of the electric version of the BoardUp folding kick skateboard more or less in the wild.

Side view shows that it can still fold, just not as compactly as before:

But the drivetrain — a TeamGee H3 (not sold in the U.S.) — is so long that it has to be put at the front of the board:

It’s also a single hub motor, that being the right front wheel:

Despite its appearance …

… and all expectations …

… the battery is not swappable.

It’s a sealed unit.

A glimpse of the remote:

This is not a setup I’d consider because the battery isn’t swappable. The test videos also make it seem rather weak. DIYeboards’ kit, the Mellow Drive, and probably even the Unlimited R Kit can all fit at the rear of the BoardUp, which is where the motors should be. Also, all three of those options are with dual hub motors. And they all have swappable batteries.

The video is Chinese-language, so I can’t tell what he means when the superimposed titles appear.

[Vlog073] 过瘾!世界首款折叠电动滑板上脚以及一些拍摄上的骚操作 Boardup the world’s first Self Folding Electronic Longboard.

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