Mellow Drive On The Smallest Deck Yet!

Ronnie Sarmiento put a Mellow Drive on an Eggboard.

I thought that was the shortest possible deck.


Out of Germany is a video showing it on an even smaller deck!

Ronnie showing the bottom of the Mellow-ed Eggboard:

Now the even shorter deck in Germany:

There’s no clearance at all! The battery enclosure is resting right against the base of the front truck!

And Ronnie, in a way, “cheated.” He kept the original Eggboard front truck and just swapped the wheels for the ones from Mellow.

Just look at how thin that deck is:

It makes the Eggboard look obese:

And, yes, it can be ridden:

But let me clear something up here. He was in Rookie mode. That’s what Mellow keeps people in until they’ve put a certain number of miles on the board. It’s a safety feature (that people who are used to electric skateboards sometimes gripe about). He also used Endless Ride mode. It remains to be seen what his riding experience would be like in the two highest — and speediest — modes!

There’s something about those blue Mellow wheels that is hypnotic to me. And it’s just not me. Right now, the incredibly-popular replacement wheel for a Boosted board is blue too!

The video is German-language [November 21, 2018 update: he has since added English subtitles in Settings] but still worth seeing:

The smallest Mellow Drive “long”-Board in the world! Handmade by Bau Boom Bang!!

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