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Follow The Example Of Wil Wheaton. Dump Twitter.

I can’t help but enjoy the irony here. The Shits With Checklists will never stop their witch-hunts and purges. Far Left Eats Its Own, Wil Wheaton Censored, Suspended Still think if you’re a “decent person” they won’t eventually come after … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: Post Overflow Day

The number of new posts today exceeds the capacity of the template to display all of them in a single scroll. Click the “Older posts” button at the end of the scroll for more.

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Next Week: iPad Mini 4 Spec Bump?

Apple announces next iPhone event for September 12: ‘Gather round’ Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. It was either September 12th or the 19th. Apple went for earlier. IFA starts in Berlin this Friday. Sony and ZTE have already announced … Continue reading

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Reference: Sizing-Up Some Small Skateboard Decks

ELOS: 17.0″ x 10.0″ Eggboard: 19.0″ x 9.0″ Kolong: 19.6″ x 8.6″ Anonymous Pacto: 22.75″ x 7.5″ And then there’s the BoardUp foldable: 33.0″ x 8.25″ Same-day update: Yes, the BoardUp photo says 34″ length. That was an error that … Continue reading

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The Uber-Jump Custom Rental eScooter Is Coming

Uber Is Building Its Own Scooter to Compete in Frenzy Three excerpts: In the past several months, Uber has announced plans to integrate bike- and scooter-sharing services on its app, an acknowledgment that cars aren’t always the best form of … Continue reading

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Rental eScooters Are Liked By Most People

Dockless scooters gain popularity and scorn across the U.S. A survey of 7,000 people by the research firm Populous found that 3.6 percent of people reported using scooters in the relatively short time they’ve been available, which is a quicker … Continue reading

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This Is The Blue Wheel Boosted Board Owners Are After

A very annoying video. And while they’re not as blue as Mellow’s wheels, they’re still blue. With their third generation of boards, Boosted decided to ditch name-brand wheels (and some other name-brand parts) and go with an in-house formulation for … Continue reading

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More Evidence Of Political Hypocrisy Re: Alt-Wheels

“Alt-Wheels” is the term I’ve coined that covers personal electric transport. While politicians puff out their corrupt and impotent chests over eScooter rentals, behind the scenes they actively avoid the mass transit they want everyone else to take. In other … Continue reading

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More Insider Tips On Recharging Lime Rental eScooters

More about what it’s like to recharge Lime rental eScooters. Lime S scooter juicer glitches and bugs, not getting paid??? We need some “Bird feeders” to break the silence! Previously here: He Tried Recharging Lime Rental eScooters Again. And Quit. … Continue reading

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Asshat Political Quote Of The Year Re: Bird eScooter Rentals

Is he for real? Does he think people are stupid? The entire history of business is palming off the damage they do on to the public — aided and abetted by cowardly politicians who don’t hold them to account! Here’s … Continue reading

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