More Evidence Of Political Hypocrisy Re: Alt-Wheels

“Alt-Wheels” is the term I’ve coined that covers personal electric transport.

While politicians puff out their corrupt and impotent chests over eScooter rentals, behind the scenes they actively avoid the mass transit they want everyone else to take. In other words, we can’t have better alternatives than taxis or cars or vans to get around. Sometimes, we’re allowed bicycles. Because that fits into their 1984-like telescreen vision of the future where All Good Citizens must be in Great Health to Serve The State. Yeah: As war fodder!

And now the latest Leftist Darling has been outed as a hypocrite too.

I dislike Fox News, but this report is apt. The opening joke also made me laugh. Bail when the brain-killing “group discussion” begins.

Gutfeld on Ocasio-Cortez’s Uber hypocrisy

Previously here:

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