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So This Is How The Village Voice Dies

The Village Voice ends editorial production, lays off half of staff Another part of New York City has died.

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Spinning Into Madness

In Hollywood, politics pushes its way into ratings game A year and a half into the Trump presidency, entertainment companies are grappling with a fan base that is splintering into political factions as never before. Whether in regard to explicitly … Continue reading

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Video: eScooter Taxi Door Crash In NYC

Electric scooter Fail Previously here: Video: Overconfident eScooter Rider Pinwheel Crashes Video: How NOT To Ride A Lime Rental eScooter Lime Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Woman Black Eyes Bird Rental eScooter Faceplant Gives Man Broken Jaw Video: What An eScooter … Continue reading

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