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Weekend Review: September 29-30, 2018

Sightings: 1 unidentified eScooter, 1 eScooter with “Hover-1” on its platform, and one unidentified eSkateboard. I was thwarted in doing any Google Books PDF test. A second Apple Store had abysmal WiFi. Best Buy’s iPad Mini still had iOS 11 … Continue reading

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So This Is Apple’s App Subscription Plan’s Endgame

You don’t have to watch this video unless you want to see the proof. How to Save the Online Economy Recently, it was reported: Report: Apple secretly met with developers to push subscriptions on the App Store. I wasn’t certain … Continue reading

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Apple’s Rot

Former Apple engineer fights iPhone giant for patent credit and denied cash, says Steve Jobs loved his ‘killer ideas’ In 2009, Eastman says, Jobs made him “promise that he’d always work for Apple and indicated that a job would always … Continue reading

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The Lethal Breakdown

People can die from giving up the fight People can die simply because they’ve given up, life has beaten them and they feel defeat is inescapable, according to new research. The study, by Dr. John Leach, a senior research fellow … Continue reading

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Aimlessness. Boredom. The Living Death.

Why Passivity Breeds Mediocrity and Mental Illness Previously here: Human Variables category

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“I Don’t Want My Pain Taken Away. I Need My Pain!”

In an otherwise terrible movie, a scene of outstanding brilliance and psychological depth. Star Trek V The Final Frontier – McCoy & Spock confront their pain Previously here: Human Variables category

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Cars Vs. People: Cars Winning In Collisions

Pedestrian Deaths in U.S. Surged 46% Over Last Decade The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for a three-pronged approach to combat pedestrian fatalities, which have ballooned in the last decade. And: It also said better data-collection measures are needed … Continue reading

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Rental eScooters: The First Drunk Rider Conviction

‘Scooting’ under the influence is LA’s newest crime Los Angeles has a new category of criminality: scooting under the influence. Nicholas Kauffroath, 28, was recently given a misdemeanor conviction for knocking a pedestrian to the ground while riding a scooter … Continue reading

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The Start Of Flu Season

Return Of U.S. Flu Season Brings Worries About A Virulent Replay U.S. health officials are trying to increase the rate of flu vaccinations this year after a severe outbreak last season killed a record number of children and led to … Continue reading

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The Return Of Murphy Brown

I watched the original series. But by the time of the Dan Quayle fracas, I think I’d already stopped. It’s amazing how much of the original I don’t remember. What I do remember is seeing Candice Bergen as a guest … Continue reading

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