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Meepo Electric Skateboard Guts Placed On A BoardUp Folding Skateboard

This was posted back in January. But BoardUp wasn’t on my radar until Ronnie Sarmiento’s video. Luckily, the guy who did it posted a pic to Reddit today: I asked about it, and a pic of its underside, and he … Continue reading

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WinboardUSA Acts As If It’s In China, Offers Payola

Winboard is a Chinese electric skateboard maker in China. They had already established a dubious reputation before today. Now they’ve confirmed their underhandedness as a way of doing business. Winboard’s new USA office caught following the grafting way of its … Continue reading

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New Doctor Who Trailer. October 7, 2018 BBC Premiere!

Doctor Who: Series 11 | Release Date Trailer I’m not keen about the music they used. But I understand why, based on the lyrics. Same-day update: A lot of controversy in the YouTube Comments. Most people aren’t keen on the … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: Another Post Overflow Day

The number of new posts today exceeds the capacity of the template to display all of them in a single scroll. Click the “Older posts” button at the end of the scroll for more.

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Finally Wears Helmet. Then Breaks Hand On eSkateboard.

Listen to Harry Callahan! A man’s got to know his limitations (HD) Guy gets on his son’s electric skateboard. Without a helmet. Rides fast. Then puts on a helmet. And falls and breaks his hand!

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Neistat Versus Helmets (And It’s Not Just Neistat)

This won’t, um, penetrate. Neistat just had a recent video where he was filming on a skateboard while holding his daughter in one arm. His daughter wasn’t wearing a helmet, either! Dear Casey Neistat, WEAR YOUR F%€#”NG HELMET!!!!!!!!!! Over at … Continue reading

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Mind-Blowing And Actually USEFUL iOS AR App

This … I had to watch it more than once! iPhone 3d Scanner – create and share 3d models in AR There will come a time when I won’t have to go through frustration like this. Companies — well, the … Continue reading

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So Much For The “Safety” Of The Mac App Store

Top MacOS App Exfiltrates Browser Histories Behind Users’ Backs A top-grossing Apple App Store program called Adware Doctor is capable of sidestepping macOS security controls and surreptitiously copying a user’s entire browser history. It then sends it to a China-based … Continue reading

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Skip CEO On San Francisco Choosing Their Rental eScooters

Skip and Populus CEOs on the Scooter-Sharing Revolution Skip CEO Sanjay Dastoor is a co-founder of Boosted, a leading electric skateboard maker. I had to look up Populus. And Regina Clewlow uses a new term: “micro mobility.” Previously here: Chronological … Continue reading

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Norfolk, Virginia Fights The Bird Rental eScooter Future

“We doan go fer that progress shit down heah!” Bird Scooters Impounded in Norfolk Idiots. Doing what they do best: Wasting taxpayer dollars. And extortion. That too. Previously here: Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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