Neistat Versus Helmets (And It’s Not Just Neistat)

This won’t, um, penetrate. Neistat just had a recent video where he was filming on a skateboard while holding his daughter in one arm. His daughter wasn’t wearing a helmet, either!

Dear Casey Neistat, WEAR YOUR F%€#”NG HELMET!!!!!!!!!!

Over at Reddit, there are now Nanny State Moderators who delete eSk8 videos if a rider isn’t wearing a helmet. That triggers my Fuck Off reaction. They’ll delete a submission but they won’t get off their asses to email the maker of the video to berate them. Bully boys in the sub who know they will be told to Fuck Off if they stick their Nanny State Snouts into other people’s faces like that.

I see Boosted board riders in NYC all the time. They’re in traffic not wearing a helmet. If they want to crack their skulls open and let the air out, that’s up to them (they’ve already shown there’s nothing but air inside, not any brains). (When their friends gather in their touchy-feely bullshit candlelight memorials so TV news cameras can agitate about helmet laws, I won’t be there.)

There have actually been other Nanny Statists in the Reddit sub who stomp their impotent feet and demand that eSk8 makers should bundle helmets with their boards. Such idiots defy any reasoning. They ignore the infinity of helmet styles, colors, and sizes. And really, given the rep China has created for itself, you’d be an idiot to trust any helmet made in China.

When I’ve mentioned in YouTube Comments to video makers that they should wear a helmet, it’s been ignored. And that’s more action than any goddammed weasel Nanny State Reddit Mod hiding behind a handle has ever taken!

As for this blog, I’ll damn well post videos if someone isn’t wearing a helmet.

Previously here:

Always. Wear. A. Helmet.
No Helmet. No Ride. No Debate. Period.
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