September 2018 Apple Event Post-Mortem

Apple Watch adds something of immediate interest to the world of electric scooters and electric skateboards …

… Fall Detection! That could be very, very handy.

Also interesting, for an entirely different reason and market …

… the ability to take an electrocardiogram!

Gerry Anderson’s 1969 vision of a wearable cardiac alert system …

Gerry Anderson: Cardiac Monitor 1

Gerry Anderson: Cardiac Monitor 2

… becomes real nearly fifty years later.

As for the iPhone …

There is nothing there to excite me. And iPhone Xr? Is “r” in that US$749 starting price as in “r u for real?”

Mainly, the entire thing left me dead inside. The Apple Watch screen is too small for me to see without pulling out glasses. Next!

The new iPhones have prices that used to be called rent money. iPhone Xs Max 512GB unlocked is US$1,500! Better buy the Apple Watch first to monitor your heart health when doling out that money!

Surprisingly, there was some iPad Mini 4 “news.” At the page for its description, a change was made. Pre-Event on left, Post-Event on right:

Click = big

Hmmmm… will that change to iOS 12 on Monday? It better!

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