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iPhone Xr Not Available Unlocked?

Very strange. The new iPhone Xr is listed as being sold only locked to a carrier. Meanwhile, the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max are being sold unlocked!

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Quinboards Micro-Me Deck With Three Drivetrains

Click = big Well, this really gets my Sizing Fever going! At left, the Unlimited Solo Kit (from Christian Kellner’s Instagram). Middle, the Mellow Drive Kit (from this prior post). Right, the Ownboard Mini kit (via Reddit and Imgur). And … Continue reading

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Video: American Review Of Zoom Stryder eScooter

The Zoom Stryder is basically a rebranded E-TWOW/Uscooters eScooter. This is the first owner review in America. He ordered it directly from Singapore, which was not without some problems. The video is about a half hour long and doesn’t require … Continue reading


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Video: Another Report On Rental eScooter Injuries. This Time, Bird.

Rise of electric scooters also contributing to injuries Singapore actually has sidewalks that are divided between pedestrians and eScooters. I’d say that’s a solution we need except every time I’m on the west side bike path, there are idiot pedestrians … Continue reading

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