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Blog Notes: Proofridden

Another easily-caught typo slipped by me that I just corrected. If you think you’ve been seeing more than usual, it’s not your imagination. It’s my damn distraction. Sometimes I’ll forget to do a final pass with the Proofreading button in … Continue reading

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UCal Understands The Alt-Wheels Central Issue

What the battle over scooters gets wrong The fight over electric scooters is really a fight over who controls the sidewalk. And the reason we’re fighting, is that there is so little space to go around. And: Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, a … Continue reading

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Ninebot/Segway KickScooter ES Control Board Problem?

Since I’ve stopped following eScooters closely, I learned of this only today via a YouTube Recommendation. Description: I just purchased my Ninebot Segway ES2 less than a month ago, added the extended range battery shortly thereafter and within a few … Continue reading

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Hmmm… What’s That Odor? MORE Fraud!

Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry The worst part of this spammy, scammy ecosystem is the service providers. A new group of media organizations are appearing where pay-to-post is the norm rather than the rare exception. I’ve been looking at these … Continue reading

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iPad Mini 4 Missing In Action

Ominous … It’s still on the Compare page itself. I also didn’t know this before finding the footnote at the iOS 12 page: ARKit requires iPhone or iPad with an A9 processor or later. The iPad Mini 4 has an … Continue reading

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California Court Creates Chaos

Sacramento Barber Shop Employees Quit Following Supreme Court Ruling I’m sure this court case was aimed straight at tech companies, especially Uber. Now the revenge effects they never expected. California, leading America again — this time into the abyss.

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TheCGBros Livestream: Sample Some Computer-Animated Videos

They’ve recently started running a livestream of CG videos. I’ve been tuning in for a few days. It seems they have a set of videos they’re looping. Some of these are quite good. Some are of startling quality. I won’t … Continue reading

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Don’t EVER Ride Alt-Wheels Like This!

Once you’re in the damn street, there are laws to obey. Pedestrians have the right of way. Signal a turn and a stop. Stop at Stop signs and especially at red lights. Car drivers are usually dicks. Don’t be a … Continue reading

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Lime Rental eScooter Pinwheel Crash: Two Broken Arms!

He gets points for not blaming anyone other than himself and the damn obstruction that did him in. Man Breaks Both Arms After Riding Rideshare Electric Scooter Previously here: Video: Another Report On Rental eScooter Injuries. This Time, Bird. Surprise! … Continue reading

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Weekend Review: September 15-16, 2018

Yeah, yeah, I’m late doing this. Yesterday was a IRL Bad Day. Plus there was nothing else pushing me to blog. I was in the city only briefly on Saturday, not at all on Sunday. Sightings: 1 unidentified eScooter, 2 … Continue reading

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