UCal Understands The Alt-Wheels Central Issue

What the battle over scooters gets wrong

The fight over electric scooters is really a fight over who controls the sidewalk. And the reason we’re fighting, is that there is so little space to go around.


Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, a professor of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, says that urban planners like herself have already developed a model for how that could be accomplished. It’s called “complete streets.”

It would mean a radical rethinking of the shared space that is now divided between the street and the sidewalk.

Here’s a wonderful picture of that I stole borrowed from the site:

A complete street with a two-way protected cycletrack in Vancouver.
Credit: Paul Krueger, CC BY 2.0

New Yorkers are probably wondering how the hell that would work.

Wrong question.

The right question is: Why has Manhattan ripped apart the traffic grid to plop sit-down plazas in the middle of thoroughfares? Tourists are accommodated. People who live in the city and need to get around should be accommodated first and foremost.

And that means more than those disgusting-smelling green stripes to indicate bike lanes (which really should be called Alt-Wheels lanes, so bikers don’t think they own them like car drivers think they own the street).

If the city can make room for people’s asses in the middle of streets, they can parse those streets for better uses too.

The situation will continue to get worse everywhere until some real thinking is put in place.

Go to the linked article.

Here’s the video they also used, but the article gives the complete picture:

Don’t blame scooters. Blame the streets.

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