iPhone Xr: The One To Get?

I’ve been thinking some more about the BLU Vivo XI+ versus the iPhone Xr.

I watched a video that included camera samples from the BLU Vivo XI+. And you know what? Those samples were pretty crap. I know it’s a (now) US$329 phone, but even so. Samsung’s own damn S2 tablets didn’t have impressive cameras either, and they cost more than the BLU phone. In fact, I’ve been underwhelmed by every damn Android camera I’ve tried.

iOS cameras — both iPad and iPhone — have never disappointed me. They’re the first cameras that didn’t make me feel like I had a Camera Jinx that inevitably resulted in craptastic images.

I’ve read around and it seems the Main Talking Point from the Apple Politburo is to emphasize the camera.

Well, I found two other things that matter.

First, a 128GB iPhone Xr costs just a measly US$50 more, US$799 versus US$749. You’d have to be a real dope to go for the 64GB model. US$799 is just twice the price of an iPad Mini 4 which also has 128GBs. And for that, you get the muscular A12 Bionic CPU and a better camera than the Mini.

Second, people talk about the lower resolution of the Xr’s “Liquid Retina” (puhleeze!) screen. It’s “only” 326 ppi. Well, guess what? That’s the same damn resolution as the iPad Mini 4 screen! And I haven’t had any complaints about that resolution! I like it just fine for its size.

PPI doesn’t tell the entire story, however. The Xr’s screen is just 1792 x 828. And today another video I watched pointed out that would limit watching videos at just 720p. I’m not sure that matters much to me. There have been times when I’ve had to endure funky WiFi and had to resort to dropping YouTube videos down to 480 or even 320p. The entire point during those times is to be able to at least watch the video, not have a theater experience. Besides, I’d still want to have an iPad Mini 4 (or 5!) and that would do for 1080p video — which would probably mainly be resident on the device and not WiFi-dependent.

The Xr can also do 4K video recording with optical image stabilization. The BLU Vivo XI+ is limited to 1080p without any stabilization. Yecch.

Yeah, the Xr is looking better every day. But will Apple offer it unlocked?

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2 Responses to iPhone Xr: The One To Get?

  1. go for Xiaomi Mi6, Mi8 SE or Mi8 Lite if you want to spend only 300 bucks
    or better for Mix2s that now costs 2700 rmb
    Xr is just a budget phone that lacks dozens of things but costs like 2 flagships:
    Dual cam, dual sim, decent battery, steel chassis, VR-ready screen, huge bezels, fingerprint reader, quick charge, IR transmitter etc. No way
    The only advantage of Xr is its SoC, but single it cannot fix the problems.

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