Nano-Fondle: iPhone Xs Max, Apple Books

All images native size uploaded directly from iPhones, click = big.

The iPhone Xs Max in my hand! Pic taken with an iPhone Xs. All I did was grab the nearby Xs, open the Camera, point and shoot. I don’t even know what mode it was in.

It was the wrong day and wrong place to attempt a Google Books PDF test. Even past 1:30PM, there were people queued to get the new iPhones. And the most convenient Apple Store didn’t have any iPad Mini out. Plus, the place had too many people for my liking.

I might try again tomorrow elsewhere.

For now, a peek at the new Apple Books (the icon for it now just says Books):

No books! Wow. They didn’t even have time to load these up with samples. Nor did I spend any time to grab one to view.

Search recommendations:

iOS 12:

I didn’t do much pawing. And I needed help too:


1) Flossy Carter was right. When you hold it, you are feeling sheer luxury. It puts all other phones to shame.

2) The fluidity! I still can’t get over how smooth everything was. How much more fluid can iOS even get?

3) The screen. Gorgeous head-on. But go to a primarily white screen and tilt it anywhichway in any orientation and it shifts to a pale blue. Not as bad as I’ve seen on other OLED screens, but still. It’s there.

4) After having the Xs Max in my hands, the Xs felt tiny. The Xs Max is my kind of size! (Behave!)

5) Despite all the WiFi being used, I had zero delays using the Net. Even uploading the images to WordPress went speedily.

Apple has done it again.

I can’t wait to try the Xr next month.

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4 Responses to Nano-Fondle: iPhone Xs Max, Apple Books

  1. “When you hold it, you are feeling sheer luxury. It puts all other phones to shame.
    The screen. Gorgeous head-on. ”

    Have you held a Galaxy S9+? That’s my current phone and the screen is way better than the Iphone Xs/Max. Feels better in the hand also.

  2. Have held X, and it doesnt feel luxury. The same steel as in old Xiaomi Mi6, the same glass as everywhere. What makes it premium? The price?
    And I’m not telling that they are using cheap glass instead of ceramics.
    And of course, they use cheaper pentile screen which is less sharp as any 1080p IPS panel. Yes, you can say that you may not notice the difference, but someone else will not notice the difference between cheap s710 and A12 or between cameras.
    No, as for me, such things are not premium at all.

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