The Screaming Over The iPhone Xr Screen

I’ve been watching videos lambasting Apple for the less-than-1080p screen on the iPhone Xr.

How much research did any of those people do beyond looking up the iPhone 4?

They cite the iPhone 4 as having the same 326 ppi as the iPhone Xr. The iPhone 4 had a 640 x 960 screen.

Now here’s the weird thing if you want to talk about iPhones that had outlier screens.

Up until the iPhone 6 series, iOS Retina screens were all 326 ppi. When Apple started using 1080 displays, the PPI went to 401. And I remember at that time people lambasting Apple for using a “standard” smartphone screen. I remember because I was part of that chorus!

Here’s a list The Verge compiled a while ago showing the variety of screens Apple was producing at the time and their PPIs. (Surprise: The 27-inch iMac with its Retina 5K at 5120 x 2880 has just 218 ppi!)

Now here’s the other thing about Apple screen PPI.

The two iPad Pro models? With their 2224 x 1668 and 2732 x 2048 screens? They have a PPI of just 264! And that’s from Apple’s own specs! When I did Google Book PDF tests on both of those, did I notice any drop in text sharpness? Hell no! I can’t recall anyone at all — not even Samsung tablet fanboys (there must be at least three of those! Maybe.) — citing the Pro models having a lower PPI, especially while being called “Pro.”

The crux of all of these arguments against the iPhone Xr are these:

1) That’s the same PPI at the iPhone 4! So what? The iPad Pro models have a lower PPI!

2) It won’t play 1080p YouTube videos and they’ll look like crap! No, 720p won’t look like crap at that screen size. I’ve played 720p videos on larger screens. If you want crap, try 480 or 320 or even less (YouTube does 144p!). Why aren’t these people yelling about the Xs Max screen — at 1,242 x 2,688 — not being to play back 4K video taken with the camera at full 4K? They won’t bring that up because people would start laughing at them is why.

3) Apple is cheating people! When is this not ever being said?

As for Apple cheating people, when you set aside the screen factor, Apple is offering more than any damn phone out there.

Show me the Android phone that matches Siri Shortcuts, the iSuite of apps, GarageBand, Swift programming, the Books (formerly iBooks) app, and that incredible camera that has never made me look like an idiot who can’t even point-and-shoot. No matter how much better the specs of another phone might be, the entire package and experience just can’t match what iOS software brings.

And you will never hear iOS software — major apps Apple gives away for free — mentioned. Because that type of comparison would show just what a hollow “bargain” most Android phones at lower prices are.

As for me, I want to see that iPhone Xr. And the first thing I’ll do, dammit, is go to YouTube and see “crap” 720p video for myself.

And I better fall in love with the Xr immediately, because after yesterday’s very brief fondle, I can’t stop thinking about the iPhone Xs Max!

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4 Responses to The Screaming Over The iPhone Xr Screen

  1. Hmm, I’ll try to explain.
    Software. Be sure that it is possible to create even much longer list of Android apps that have no analogs / poorer analogs on iOS. I dont think it is possible to tell that iOS is superior in terms of software. As a more open and flexible platform Android also has dozens of advantages. Maybe, in your scenario fancy Apple apps look better, but overall not. Tha advantage of having some 85% of market share matters.

    Obviously P20 Pro camera is superior to Xs, physics also matters. In Xs iPhone just went on par with XIaomi, Samsung etc, while X’s 1.25 um pixels were losing to its 3x cheaper competitors.

    No, Apple is not cheating ppl, it is saving money by using cheaper components while maintaining incredibly high price. Switching to 1080 AMOLED after cheap-ass 5 inch IPS panel was a huge surprise for me: it was clearly inferior in terms of resolution. Yes, it is easy to get used to low resolution, but using this logic we can just buy a Redmi for 150 bucks and be happy. And, buying a device for 1000 USD, I want to be able to use it in a VR headset sometimes, while Xs will definitely give you “eye rape” experience.

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