The Return Of Murphy Brown

I watched the original series. But by the time of the Dan Quayle fracas, I think I’d already stopped.

It’s amazing how much of the original I don’t remember.

What I do remember is seeing Candice Bergen as a guest star on House, M.D. and thinking there’s a reason some actors stay away from the screen after a certain point.

It’s an unfortunate fact of reality and a cruel fact of human biology that things have their moment and people have theirs too. Then it’s over. The spotlight, the time on the stage, the prime, has past.

It’s also a real fact that viewers in their twenties are not the same viewers in their … um … decades later. What was funny once might not be funny again.

There were a few mild laughs here but, overall, it was on the level of a Saturday Night Live skit. I’ll give it another episode to see what they intend to do but I’m doubtful I’ll go beyond that. Some things are best left in the past.

And, yeah, most people out there much younger than me are probably going, as someone did in the show, “Murphy who?”

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