Weekend Review: September 29-30, 2018

Sightings: 1 unidentified eScooter, 1 eScooter with “Hover-1” on its platform, and one unidentified eSkateboard.

I was thwarted in doing any Google Books PDF test. A second Apple Store had abysmal WiFi. Best Buy’s iPad Mini still had iOS 11 on it!

I did get to paw at the new Apple Watch series 4 44mm version. The trouble with watches and me is that I like to wear one loose on my wrist because the band creates perspiration. The Apple Watch can’t be worn like that. It defeats the entire purpose of monitoring aspects of health. I haven’t worn a watch in ages. But the Apple Watch is now tempting.

I was also thwarted in finding a BLU Vivo XI+. The two Best Buys I tried didn’t have it on shelves.

I did finally see — at the same two Best Buys — the new HP X2 Chromebook. Basically all I did was detach the tablet from the keyboard, call up a website, and reattach the keyboard. The entire unit is heavier than I expected, and each of the two parts were too. After watching their Chromebook sections shrink this year, Best Buy has now greatly enlarged them and it looks like they have just about every one out on display.

Weekend reading was Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs by Ken Kocienda.

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