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TV Delivers A Double Dose Of Bad

Catching up on The Resident and The Good Doctor today. And both deliver a dose of bad on a Tuesday. [See update below.] The Resident: The Good Doctor: Pancreatic cancer. The cancer patient died on a Tuesday. Tuesdays have never … Continue reading

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The Resident s2e2: eScooters And Medical Device Wonders

Fox TV’s The Resident continues to be compelling viewing in its second season. And this episode featured eScooters!

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Blog Notes: It’s Another Post Overflow Day

It’s not even Noon yet and this is happening! Can we get back to where I do fewer posts, like just yesterday? The number of new posts today will exceed the capacity of the template to display all of them … Continue reading

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Kardia Mobile: Take An EKG Anywhere, Anytime

Yesterday, my time was eaten up waiting for an appointment. A bad CRT SD TV was tuned to CNN and I happened to turn my head to it at an opportune time. I saw an ad for Kardia Mobile, a … Continue reading

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Details Of Bird’s New Rental eScooter Model: “The Tank”

Since Bird has not yet deigned to put me on their press list (wake up! who else posts so much?), again YouTube must provide. Here are the details of Bird’s new model of rental eScooter, also first brought to us … Continue reading

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THIRD Parody Of “The Birds”

Stop. Please stop. If you used YouTube Search first, you’d know to stop! “THE BIRDS” Parody KILLER SCOOTERS Previously here: Another Bird Rental eScooter “The Birds” Parody If Hitchcock Made “The Birds” Today … Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts … Continue reading

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Rental eScooters: Attorney Explains Liability Issues

Here come the lawyers! But with necessary information for all. Electric Scooter Liability Attorney Analysis Previously here: Tesla Autopilot Doesn’t Recognize eScooters What’s A “Vehicle”? Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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Another Drunk Rider Of A Rental eScooter

Wait for the punchline! Police: Man Arrested After Riding E-Scooter Drunk Down 16th Street Mall Another idiot making things worse for everyone. Previously here: Rental eScooters: The First Drunk Rider Conviction Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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Cargo Basket For InMotion P1 (And SwagCycle) eBike

p1&p2系列微電動車後置物籃到貨啦! [The p1&p2 series of micro electric vehicle rear baskets is on sale!] Previously here: First SwagCycle Can Use InMotion P1 App SwagCycle = InMotion P1 Spotted In NYC: The SwagCycle

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Video: eSkateboard Compared To eScooter

This is a comparison that’s been needed for quite some time. Finally someone did. Unfortunately, it’s in French. Boosted Board MINI X et Ninebot Segway ES2 – test et premières impressions There are no English subtitles. And while it’s possible … Continue reading

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