Details Of Bird’s New Rental eScooter Model: “The Tank”

Since Bird has not yet deigned to put me on their press list (wake up! who else posts so much?), again YouTube must provide.

Here are the details of Bird’s new model of rental eScooter, also first brought to us via YouTube.

See the video after the break.

Warning: Ear-grating “music” begins at 3:01. Stop using music! None of you have any taste for it! (Thank god they don’t do video for TV news. We’d get Beyoncé under reports about Trump!)

A Review of The New Bird “Tank” Scooter by Electisan

Thanks to the YouTubers. Zero thanks to Bird!

While I admire Lime’s aggressiveness, I have to hand it to Bird for getting the first fleet-made rental eScooter deployed. That’s a different kind of aggressiveness. It looks less like something from East Germany now. But it needs reflective tape for better night visibility!

And a Commenter at YouTube is right. They need to have a bright color. I suggest sky blue. Why? Blue Birds!

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5 Responses to Details Of Bird’s New Rental eScooter Model: “The Tank”

  1. scheblein says:

    Had my first experience on an escooter yesterday – the Bird (Xiaomi from what it looks like). Had a choice between this and a dockless bike, and the bike charged you five dollar penalty if you didn’t turn to the right place. The escooter is awesome – wouldn’t work in my part of the woods (suburbia), but in the city I’m in right now, it fits right in.

  2. scheblein says:

    Rode the Segway this morning.. A much better ride than the Xiaomi. Gonna look for the tank this evening!

    • mikecane says:

      Hahahaha. Let us know how “The Tank” is!

      • scheblein says:

        Unfortunately, never got to ride the tank. I saw a bunch of them, but they were all being used. After riding them for a week, I preferred the Segway over the Xiaomi. Now I’m back in suburbia, so no more eScooters for me!

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