Kardia Mobile: Take An EKG Anywhere, Anytime

Yesterday, my time was eaten up waiting for an appointment. A bad CRT SD TV was tuned to CNN and I happened to turn my head to it at an opportune time. I saw an ad for Kardia Mobile, a small device that can do an electrocardiogram with a smartphone!

Kardia Mobile TV ad from AliveCor

I didn’t know of this device until then. I thought the only possibility was using the Apple Watch Series 4. This is, up front, less expensive. On the backend, however, it can be way more expensive since the app’s full features — which lull you into using them as the default behavior — require a damn monthly subscription! (A pox upon subscription apps!)

I’ve had EKGs. I’ve also walked around with a cardiac monitor. The thing about both is that they’re never on me when I need them to record an anomaly. This seems like a good solution, aside from that damned subscription bit.

See another video after the break.

How to record a clean EKG with KardiaMobile

I’m late to learning about this. Now I understand this is the device that the Apple Watch Series 4 EKG function is supposed to kill. I doubt that. Despite the subscription fee, it’d be worth it for people who can’t or don’t like to wear watches. That would include me!

Weirdly, while I was waiting yesterday, a young Russian woman starting using her Apple Watch! At one point, she holding a conversation with someone over it!

The one thing I don’t like about the subscription service is this: Unlimited cloud storage of EKG recordings. How secure is their damn cloud? Everyone thinks they’re secure. Until they’re not!


AliveCor website

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