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The Lies And Non-Lies Of Today’s Chinese Espionage Discovery Denials

Earlier today: Massive China Espionage Revealed Everyone’s denying. Amazon, Apple, Elemental, their mothers, their pets. And, of course, the Chinese. Including my local take-out place! What the fuck do you really expect them to say? This is: 1) A National … Continue reading

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eSkateboard Of Lust: Unlimited Drive + Carbon-Fiber Deck

Reddit: My EON drivetrain with a 121c cf board What a beauty! I’ve been wondering about an Unlimited Solo Kit on the smaller 121c Rover deck. Previously here: Reference: Sizing-Up Some Small Skateboard Decks, Third Edition What All Skateboard Deck … Continue reading

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Bird’s New Rental eScooter Is Called The “Bird Zero”

Thanks to people on YouTube, readers of this blog knew about the new Bird eScooter before TechCrunch and before Bird wanted to announce it (and I damn well know Bird employees came here to read that first post — and … Continue reading

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Massive China Espionage Revealed

This is what I’ve been afraid of. This is what I have warned people about. This is what I have been openly laughed at about. Now it is so. The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate … Continue reading

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Lime Promotes At Paris Fashion Week

Lime scores again. Lime at Paris Fashion Week Bird’s PR and Marketing team is asleep! Previously here: Video: Lime Low-Income Promo Video Chronological List Of Electric Scooter Posts eScooters category

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Long Beach, California Police Explain eScooter Rules

This is the kind of video every local police department should be posting. Good for the Long Beach Police Department for doing it and being the first. Long Beach Electric Scooter Information from the Long Beach Police Department Previously here: … Continue reading

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WARNING: Don’t Count On Ninebot/Segway Or Xiaomi Warranties!

I thought Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway ducking their warranty obligations was limited to the United States. Nope! They shirk their duties internationally too! Here are two people who service such eScooters admitting the problem with Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway warranties. They provide, … Continue reading

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Swagtron Swagger 5 Screwball Brake Fix

Easy Swagtron Swagger 5 not charging issue (SOLVED) electric Scooter brake QUICK FIX He doesn’t seem to know that the motor wheel won’t spin from a dead stop. The eScooter must be pushed first. This is both a safety feature … Continue reading

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Doug Hnut Reviews Xiaomi M365 eScooter Tires

Doug Hnut is back, this time with a set of solid replacement tires for the Xiaomi M365 eScooter that are premounted for easy installation. Will these be an improvement over the inflatable flat-prone Xiaomi tires? See the video. Xiaomi M365 … Continue reading

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