Bird’s New Rental eScooter Is Called The “Bird Zero”

Thanks to people on YouTube, readers of this blog knew about the new Bird eScooter before TechCrunch and before Bird wanted to announce it (and I damn well know Bird employees came here to read that first post — and still they won’t put me on their damned press list!).

Bird unveils custom electric scooters and delivery

“We call it Bird Zero because it’s the first vehicle we’ve designed and engineered ourselves specifically for the shared electric scooter space,” Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden told TechCrunch this morning.

Bird, in partnership with Okai, designed and manufactured the scooter from the ground up. Bird handled the design and Okai handled the manufacturing. But for now, the plan is to continue working with multiple vehicle manufacturers, VanderZanden said.

Bird needs to hire a real design firm. This looks like a CP/M computer in a world of Apple II designs.

This is an interesting, although confusing, move:

The name of the game, VanderZanden said, is to be as customer-obsessed as possible. That’s where Bird Delivery, launching soon, comes in. With Bird Delivery, riders can request a Bird be delivered to their home or office by 8 a.m. From there, the rider can use it throughout the day.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Huh? Reserved eScooters? Also:

He hypothesizes that, while people could theoretically purchase their own scooters, they won’t because then they’d have to deal with charging, maintenance and storage.

And as we’ve seen earlier today, you can’t count on Ninebot/Segway and Xiaomi warranties!

Previously here:

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