WARNING: Don’t Count On Ninebot/Segway Or Xiaomi Warranties!

I thought Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway ducking their warranty obligations was limited to the United States. Nope! They shirk their duties internationally too!

Here are two people who service such eScooters admitting the problem with Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway warranties. They provide, privately, the repair and maintenance services that Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway won’t. eScooters are still far more popular in Europe, Asia, and even Russia, than they are in America. Even worse, I don’t know of a single brick-and-mortar store in America that sells Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway eScooters that provide full service such as would be found, for instance, at any bike shop. eScooters in America are still The Frontier of things and owners are mostly on their own. Keep this in mind before you buy!

Small talk about Electric scooter with Julien from France in Thailand – 프랑스 줄리엔과 전동킥보드에 작은 이야기를 나누다.

The BEstDEAL베딜 YouTube Channel has several eScooter service/repair videos. They’re in Korean but might still provide visuals cues that could assist others who have technical skills.

The world’s foremost expert for the Xiaomi M365 remains Doc-Hello in Russia.

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