Rental eScooters Drop Dead Within A Month Of Public Use!

I didn’t think they would need to be retired from service so soon! But I’m sure that even within that time, each one made a profit — unless some idiot dumped it in a river, set fire to it, or tore it to pieces by doing stupid stunts. Even so, insurance might have covered those losses.

Where have all the dockless bicycles gone? Data from DC’s pilot is revealing.

The average Lime scooter introduced from March to mid-August lasts only 23 days on the street, as seen by the large swings in Lime’s scooter fleet in June and July.

Lime tried to combat this issue by exceeding the pilot-mandated 400-vehicle cap in August, but there is still a significant drop in the fleet over the first two weeks of September. Over this time period, Lime used at least 1,885 scooters — replacing the scooter fleet 4.5 times!!

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


Similar to Lime scooters, Jump is having trouble maintaining a fleet of 400 vehicles, which is illustrated by the similarly sloped negatively lines for each operator starting in early August. This can been seen as a “good problem” for Jump; one explanation is that Jump is enjoying similar popularity as Lime scooters, necessitating additional fleet maintenance and downtime for charging.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Bird likely saw the same churn rate of their fleet too so made their “Bird Zero” eScooter a priority. With its massive weight, it will be nearly impossible for idiots to do the kind of stupid stunts with it we’ve seen with the lighter eScooters from Xiaomi and Ninebot/Segway. It will also take lots more muscle to dump them in rivers or perch them in trees.

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