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A Nation Without Shame

America, the radicalized Some day, you will feel shame for having brought on what’s coming. You don’t like Trump? He’s small potatoes. What will come next is even worse. And you will have created that. Note, I don’t like Trump. … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The 13th Debuts

Warning: Minor visual spoilers ahead. So, here we are then. After controversial — and even flat — promo videos, the first episode of the eleventh season reboot featuring the 13th Doctor is now here. Well, there’s a big surprise.

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How We Live In The Future

Yes, live “piracy” of Doctor Who as it is broadcast in the UK. Which, you know, doesn’t matter in the U.S. as it’s being simulcast on BBC America. But I’m not home, at hinky WiFi, and am just checking this … Continue reading

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Another Anti-Rental eScooter, Pro-Bike Article

Is Bird A Boon Or Burden To Urban Communities? A lengthy piece with the obvious blindspot: No mention of all the cars parked taking up space. Because, you know, that’s just like the Cosmic Microwave Background now. Unnoticed, except by … Continue reading

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More Chinese Espionage Denials; The Chinese Supply Chain Compromised Since 2013!

DHS says no reason to doubt firms’ China hack denials “The Department of Homeland Security is aware of the media reports of a technology supply chain compromise,” DHS said in a statement. “Like our partners in the UK, the National … Continue reading

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More Tech Press Corruption Unveiled

5G Got me Fired This is a cautionary tale. Anyone writing for any publisher in today’s commercial market, where the managed advertorial and native ad seems to be the only way to make money, needs to be cautious. More importantly … Continue reading

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Car Drivers: Use The Dutch Reach!

The Dutch Reach: A No-Tech Way to Save Bicyclists’ Lives If Michael Charney has his way, more Americans would adopt a simple method to prevent “doorings,” a type of collision when a driver or passenger in a parked car opens … Continue reading

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