Doctor Who: The 13th Debuts

Warning: Minor visual spoilers ahead.

So, here we are then.

After controversial — and even flat — promo videos, the first episode of the eleventh season reboot featuring the 13th Doctor is now here.

Well, there’s a big surprise.

Surprise! The Doctor is a woman!


Everyone already knew that.

So, let me state that I couldn’t watch Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I lasted three episodes, maybe. He just didn’t “have” it. I’ve liked him in other things, but I never got the sense he ever understood The Doctor. Worse, it always looked like he thought he was starring in a show exclusively for kids.

Really, I was glad to see him leaving.

But is his replacement an improvement?

Oh hell yes!

Jodie Whittaker understands The Doctor.

Just look:

That’s The Doctor completely.

She might even make me get over missing Matt Smith!

The Doctor is a woman. But this woman is The Doctor.

Well done to all. And a special note for the new music. It entirely changed the tone and character of the episode. It’s difficult to explain the change after Murray Gold’s wonderful years of orchestral booming. It’s … different. And damned good.

I can watch Doctor Who again. And I look forward to it!

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2 Responses to Doctor Who: The 13th Debuts

  1. ljnd says:

    I felt the same. The manic and sudden rushing around, the jerky motions of being in a new body, coming in completely out of context – I really liked it a lot. She’s awesome – her facial expressions alone are so…Doctor-ish. I’m here for it.

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