More Tech Press Corruption Unveiled

5G Got me Fired

This is a cautionary tale. Anyone writing for any publisher in today’s commercial market, where the managed advertorial and native ad seems to be the only way to make money, needs to be cautious.

More importantly today’s readers need to be a little more than cautious when believing anything. Native advertising is a most insidious concept and should be rejected by every publisher. Instead it is welcomed by the broadcasting networks and most of the major newspapers including the New York Times. Are the writers saying nice things or are they paid to say nice things?

Whatever the case, the independent voice cannot exist in this corrupt milieu and be truly independent.

Before PC Magazine ever existed, John Dvorak wrote a weekly column for the industry publication, InfoWorld. He’s a guy who is very well-connected within the industry and a multi-decade reporting veteran. If corruption could destroy his career, what hope is there for anyone else writing? (It must be noted that Dvorak was never a pillar of integrity himself. See the Comment from Ric Day at this 2013 post.)

If you think this will somehow go away, you’re delusional. It will only get worse. As Chinese tech companies expand into the U.S. market, so will their advertising dollars. The Chinese tech press is very corrupt. Chinese tech companies will expect the same bow-and-scrape coverage here in the U.S. too.

A reminder I keep repeating: I Must Repeat: This Blog Is CORRUPTION-FREE! Maybe that’s why Bird, Lime, et al, won’t put me on their damned press lists!

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